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Rear Edge Dent

One of our latest and complex dent removals against a pinched body line.

Our team at Dent Time AU is highly trained from the United States and originally trained from Dent Time LLC. It shows our training was top notch because this repair was turned down by many PDR technicians. Even panel beaters couldn't believe this...

Classic Muscle Car Paintlesss Dent Removal

Classic Muscle Cars are Our Specialty.

Removing a dent on classic muscle cars.

Classic Car Paintless Dent Removal Service.

We understand your precious classic car is an investment and choosing the right PDR company to remove your dents is imprtant. At Dent Time AU we are pure professional, on time and remove your unwanted dents on your classic...

Mercedes Rear Dent Repair

Rear Quarter Panel Mercedes Benz Dent removal.

This panel was aluminum and took quite awhile to remove. Since the damage is on the body line, it takes much skill with tons of experience not to jeopardize the paint.

Superior craftsmanship with high paintless dent repair experience

Did you know many PDR technicians are in a huge hurry? impatience...

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